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Why We Can Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With Our Service.

Experience- With over 23 years of experience in providing customer service, structuring and planning sales events, auctioning and selling real estate, researching and valuating property, we feel confident that you will appreciate the time and attention we spend with understanding and problem-solving your particular needs.

Knowledge- We dedicate ourselves to studying auction and selling trends, current social media outlets, advertising opportunities, up-to-date property pricing, consumer purchasing trends, and, most importantly, staying informed and active through membership in trade associations and educational seminars.

Versatility- There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to downsizing or liquidating an estate or business.  We take the time to listen, evaluate, assess and research before developing a plan of action that best fits your situation.  We employ various auction and selling strategies that will result in getting the most money for your property while saving you time and energy.

Mobility- We are able to bring our services to you or move your items to our facility.  Using state of the art technology, we are able to set up a mobile sales station that includes audio/visual capabilities, PA equipment, clerking and cashier services, credit card payments, food and portable restroom facilities, riggers, security, generators, lighting and any other equipment that is necessary to make your sales event successful.   If your space does not lend itself to having an onsite sale, then we have the staff and facilities to relocate and present your property for auction or sale in-house.

Organization- Our staff is professionally trained on how best to organize and present your property for sale or auction.  We provide the cleaning of the home or business in preparation for buyers.  The property is also cleaned and categorized and arranged according to value and desirability.  Next, we identify each item, or group of items, with lot numbers or price tags and create an online and paper catalogue that is published and offered to the public for preview.  We then aggressively advertise and market the sales event and provide a schedule that allows the public to physically preview the property prior to the sale.  On sale day, we provide the appropriate staff to conduct the auction/liquidation sale including auctioneer(s), ringmen, cashiers, clerks, security and parking attendants.  Additional staff professionals are added as needed to meet the demands of the sale.

We provide the following services to meet the

needs of our clients:

Free Estate Downsizing and Liquidation Consultations and Pricing Estimates

Estate Auctions 

Business Inventory Downsizing and Liquidations

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Auctions and Sales

Certified Personal Property Appraisals and Assessments

On-site, In-house and Online Auctions and Direct Sales

Direct Purchase and Buy-Out Programs for Estates and Small Businesses

Consignment, Retail, and Dealer Auctions and Sales

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