We work hand-in-hand with families and business owners, corporate managers, bank and finance officials, attorneys, government entities, and real estate professionals in developing a strategic plan for downsizing and liquidating commercial inventories, property and real estate.  We bring over 23 years of experience  in business planning and practice along with our knowledge of business structures, valuations of trade properties and inventories, as well as current trends in the real estate markets.  Our strengths are manifested through the versatility in our development and outline of various selling strategies on how best to liquidate your property and our organizational skills in planning, advertising, arranging, cataloguing, and the presentation of the event from start to finish.  Mobility  best defines our ability to set up your event on-site, our willingness to travel, or providing the services to relocate your inventory and fixtures to our 30,000 square foot indoor/outdoor auction and sales complex. 

Call today for a free consultation and no obligation assessment of your property and allow us to show you how we can assist in accomplishing your downsizing and liquidation needs.

Property to Liquidate

Furniture and Fixtures

Fleet Vehicles

Tools and Equipment

Store Inventories

Outbuildings and Storage Sheds

Manufacturing Equipment

Warehouse Shelving and Racks

Forklifts, Lifts, Lulls, Pallet Jacks, etc.

Trade Fixtures and Equipment

Office Equipment and Supplies

Tables, Chairs, Desks

Work Stations and Cubicles

Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

And Much More.....

Why Liquidate or Downsize? 


> Retirement 

 > Medical Complications

> Relocation

 > Financial Demands

 > Bankruptcy

> Quick Inventory Turnovers

 > Lean Business Strategies

> Merger or Acquisition

 > Partnership Dissolution

  > Death of Owner

 > Court Ordered Sale

Why choose Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company as your premier provider for your downsizing and liquidation needs?  Because we understand how businesses work and we know the value of the  property that it takes to make them successful!

Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company

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North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Agents
North Carolina Licensed Auctioneer

South Carolina Licensed Auctioneer

Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer

Licensed NC Auto Dealership
North Carolina Licensed Building Contractor
CAGA Certified Personal Property Appraiser

Certified Liquidation Agent

Certified Precious Metals Dealer