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In the Garage
Cars                            Trucks                        Boats                        Trailers
RV’s                             Motorcycles              ATV’s                         Bicycles
Hand Tools                  Electric Tools           Out Buildings              Mowers
Gas Cans                     Auto Parts                License Plates           Advertising Signs
Tents                            Campers                   Backpacks                Camping Equipment
Golf Carts                     Golf Clubs                 Bats and Balls          Basketball Goals
Ski Equipment              Car Carriers              Luggage                    Racks and Shelving

On the Construction Site
Skid Steers               Loaders                     Bull Dozers                Graders
Wheel Barrows         Lifts                            Ladders                     Scaffolding
Dump Trucks            Panel Vans                Ladder Racks            Truck Toppers
Service Trucks         Sales Vehicles           Tools                          Building Materials
Lasers                        Cranes                      Bucket Trucks           Safety Equipment
Trailers                      Haulers                      Gators                       Construction Trailers
Storage Bins             Chains                        Concrete Mixers       Cutting Tools

At the Office
Desks                       Chairs                        Office Décor               Electronics
Copy Machines        Calculators                 Paper Supplies          Mailing Supplies
Shelving                    Displays                     Cubicles                     Filing Cabinets
Storage Bins             Computers                 Office Supplies           Furnishings

The list is limitless.  We take items from any retail, professional, restaurant, medical, or industrial and warehouse facility.  We will consign any item or inventory including:  Fleet vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Supplies, Shelving, Furniture, Fixtures, Shop Equipment, Specialty Tools, Walk-in Cooler and Freezers, Restaurant Equipment and Fixtures, etc.  If you want to sell it then don’t throw it away or sell cheap.  Call us first and see how we might be able to get it sold fast with no hassles of moving, advertising, storing, or cleaning the property. Don't waste time waiting for someone to buy your items.  We take all the work out of selling one item or a whole warehouse full of property.  Call us now at828-606-3754.  We cover North and South Carolina for liquidations and downsizing.            


Partial List of Items for Auction/Consignment

(Residential and Commercial Personal Property and Real Estate Included)

Furniture                   Primitives                 Automobiles              Collectibles              
Toys and Dolls         Glassware                 Pottery                      Kitchen Tools
China/Dishes           Silver Sets                 Jewelry                     Pocket Watches/Clocks   
Heirlooms                 Ceramics                   Figurines                   Artwork

Old Country Store
Hand Tools               Kitchen Aids             Advertising Tins       Porcelain Signs
Gas Pumps               Hand Grinders         Pockets Knives        Yard Art
Shop Clocks             Old Hardware           Cast Iron                   Gas/Oil Cans

 Back At The Farm
Tractors                     Wagons                     Trailers                      Hit/Miss Engines    
Farm Tools                Milk Cans                  Barn Lanterns           Tack and Saddles
Implements               Out Buildings             Feeders                     Reclaimed wood
Yard Equipment        Trucks                       Cages                        Storage Bins
Weather Vanes         Wooden Boxes         Fuel Tanks                 Pumps
Fencing                     Green Houses          Irrigators                    Wood Stoves

Around the House
Furniture                     Lamps                     Quilts                         Dishes
Pots/Pans                  Silverware                Kitchenware              Glassware
Décor                         Collectibles               Memorabilia             Music Instruments
Electronics                 Rugs                        Kitchen Utensils        Appliances
Clocks                        Cabinets                  Fixtures                     Toys
Books                         Artwork                    Coins                         Firearms
Lawn and Garden  Hoses                          Yard Tools                 Hand Tools  
Yard Art                    Swing sets                Playgrounds              Pool Equipment

We Are Ready for Your Call Today:  Consign, Deal, or Sell....Your Choice.

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