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Who Needs Our Relocation Management Services?

​1)  Anyone needing to downsize, declutter, or organize.

2)  Anyonewho is moving but has limited time or abilities.

3)  Anyone who is moving a loved one but is out-of-state or town and cannot be present to assist in the moving process.

4) Anyone who's experience is new to the moving process and needs guidance and assistance with logistics and referrals.

5)  Anyone who needs help in setting up the new home with unpacking, furniture placement, and utilities turned on.  

6)  Anyone who needs help in selling or downsizing the estate and getting the house cleaned out for the next owners.  

7)  Anyone who needs real estate experience in listing a home for sale, getting a home ready for sale, finding the perfect new home, and needing logistical assistance in relocating and moving.

Relocation and Senior Move Management Services

1)  Organize and Sort--our team of professionals can offer assistance helping you decide which items should be tagged to keep, donated, sold, or stored.
2)  Movers/Contractors--we have a network of dedicated relocation professionals.  We make all the calls and can interview potential contractors to ensure you get honest estimates, insured providers, and reputable moving experts.

3)  Estate Sales--We specialize in estate sales and downsizing personal property.  With over 10 years of conducting estate auction and sales, we have built a strong following and reputation in our field.  
4)  Manage Moving Day--we provide assistance ensuring your items are clearly tagged for the packers and movers and that your possessions are ready for their next home.

​5)  Real Estate--we offer a full list of real estate services that range from listing your existing home, finding the perfect next home, getting your home ready for listing, and getting your next home set up for move-in.

​6) Senior Relocation--our network of professionals goes beyond the movers, it also includes assisting clients in connecting with elder law firms, financial advisers, care providers, and programs that specialize in issues pertaining to the logistics of transitioning to a new location for seniors.   

Don't Make a Move Until You Call Us First

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Moving or relocating to a new home can be quite a daunting and difficult task and many become overwhelmed with the prospects of having to do so much, oftentimes with little to no time, with all that is involved with a move.  Whether moving long distance or simply across town, there are many phone calls, decisions, and physical demands required to successfully and smoothly complete a move.  This may be particularly true for seniors, or their families, who need to relocate for retirement, financial, medical, or social reasons.  We work diligently to ensure that your move experience can be one that is less stressful, chaotic, or costly.  Our team can help manage the entire process for you or your loved ones and can provide all the support one needs to comfortably and affordably transition to a new home. ​  

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