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Word of Mouth

Below you will find a list of references that back our claims that we can provide the very best in estate and business downsizing services.

"I really want to give you a big THANK YOU for putting on the auction in Hendersonville, NC. You and your staff made a very professional presentation of the contents of my aunt’s home.  It was obvious that you all took great care of everything and performed research above and beyond what I expected.  I am so pleased at the outcome!  There’s so little that needs to be disposed of now that the property is ready to pass to new owners.  And that is because you all made everything so appealing to bidders.  Thank you so very much."

                                                                                                     Susan W.  New Hampsire

"Would like to give a very special thank you to the entire staff of Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company and all their fine customers who came out Friday night and would like to say what a wonderful auction house this is!"                                                          Morgan and Audrea G.  Waynesville, NC

"Thanks so much to Rob Hays for handling the liquidation of our estate in such a professional manner. Southern Trust Auction services made the process effortless on our part and they were by far the most fair on commissions of the different liquidators we contacted. It's a welcome day when the check shows up in the mail. Thanks again."                                                         Robert G.   Burnsville, NC

"Rob and his staff handled our restaurant liquidation.  The circumstances were difficult due to the lack of power and the amount of items for sale.  The work they put into our sale was admirable and at the end of the auction there was nothing left.  They even got more money than i thought possible.  Great job."  

                                                                                                    Bob Q.  Hendersonville, NC

"Hard to sell piece of real estate was successfully sold by Rob at auction.  The whole process was painless and we finally were able to sell our property.  Southern Trust made the entire steps from A to Z very understandable and explained in terms we could  follow. "    Lynn M.    Bryson City, NC    

"I called alot of companies and none were as pleasant and knowledgable as Southern Trust Estate Co.  Rob was very upfront and honest about how the sale would go and what we could expect.  Others acted like I wasn't a big enough sale.  Rob took my small amount sale but got more than we both thought we would get.  He advertised a lot and I liked the way he described my stuff.  Way to go.  Very happy."                                                                                                                                                  Kathleen K.  Hendersonville, NC

"We live in another state and needed our household items in our second home located in NC to be moved out and sold at auction.  We could not be there to coordinate and wanted someone we could trust and who could handle such a big job.    Rob had movers come in and remove our property and took everything to his auction house.  He was able to sell our items and got a fair price for everything.  It was a load off our minds to be able to find someone like Rob and his staff to do all the work.  Rob stayed in contact and informed us every step of the way.  It was nice to not have to worry since we could not travel up.  Thank you."

​                                                                                                            Arthur T.    Cashiers, NC

"I needed to move and I did not want a sale from my home.  Rob came and offered a buy out and gave a very fair price for everything in the house, garage, and office.  It was a perfect solution for what I needed.  His staff even broom swept the house.  Nothing left for me to deal with when they were done.  Thanks!"

                                                                                                             Bob C. Hendersonville, NC

"I would recommend Rob and Miranda to anyone needing a large home full of personal property sold quick and for good prices.  This was a gigantic sale and it all sold and we got a huge check afterwards"

​                                                                                                              Janet G.  Franklin, NC

"I had to move my property fast and could not sell from my house.  We took everything to Rob and he had a great online auction from his place in Hendersonville.  The prices we got were far more than we expected.  We highly recommend Southern Trust." 

                                                                                                                 John C.  Champion Hills, NC

"We would recommend Rob and Miranda for downsizing and liquidation.  Our law firm used them for our estate sale and they did a terrific job!"

                                                                                                                  Christine S.  Waynesville, NC