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Our Guaranteed Service Package.

 > The auction gathers ready and willing buyers into one place with the specific goal of purchasing the property.
 > Buyers are pre-qualified to purchase and know the seller's terms and conditions prior to bidding.
 > The property usually sells on the day of auction.
 > In most cases, 'contract to closing' time is within 45 days.
 > Property generally sells to the highest bidder and at a fair market value.
 > The quick sale drastically reduces the real and opportunity costs associated with holding a property.
 > Auctioneer and auction firm represent the seller, not the buyer.
 > Real estate auctions take an aggressive and concentrated approach to marketing.

 >Auctioneer instills a sense of urgency that creates competition among bidders thereby raising the price of the bid.
 > Buyer purchases the property 'as is, where is' and without contingencies or demands for repairs.
 > In most cases, the bidder pays a buyer's premium that eliminates the need for a sales commission.

 > Inspections, improvements and cost of repairs are the responsibility of the  buyer.
 > Any personal assets, inventories, or fixtures can be auctioned instead of being stored or moved. 

Benefits of Auctions for Selling Real Estate.

Auctions: a 'Preferred Choice' of Selling Real Estate.

Residential and Commercial Auctions are fast becoming the preferred choice of home owners, banks, investors and business management to sell or liquidate their real estate.  Individuals and businesses  alike are realizing the benefits auctions provide over the more traditional method of listing property.  Real estate auctions are no longer considered to be a last resort method of selling homes, buildings or land.  Auctions offer many a low cost, hassle free,  quick 'contract to closing' sale with terms and conditions that  buyers are willing to accept that benefit the seller.

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Listing and Buyer's Agency

Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company
works to provide the very best in real estate auctions for residential and commercial land and property.  We offer our clients a huge advantage in being able to quickly sell their properties or purchase a desired home or business for a reasonable price.

 >Free property assessment and professionally produced price comparables.

 > A written plan of action developed to specifically meet the desired goals of the seller.
> Design and implement an aggressive marketing campaign.

 > Persistent advertising that includes website, print ads, online, social media, direct email, and real estate investors. 
> Buyer's packet containing forms and information to pre-qualify bidders and outline the seller's terms and conditions.
> Preview schedules to allow potential buyers and their representatives to thoroughly inspect the property prior to sale.
> Agent agreements that allow for the compensation of a buyer's agent.
> Exclusive seller representation on behalf of the auctioneer and selling firm.

 > Providing all staff necessary to conduct a successful auction event. here.

Auctions are a great option for selling real estate but not all people desire that type of selling platform.  For that reason, SouthernTrust Estate and Auction Company provides the very best in promoting and staging a property for sale and can guarantee that the service you receive will be consistent and professional no matter the preferred strategy in how you sell or buy your property.  As with auctions, we also dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with an aggressive approach to listing and selling your real estate.  We begin by developing a plan of action based on a professionally formatted price comparable analysis.  We then outline a marketing strategy that reaches to a worldwide audience.  We maintain and track how the property is being shown to the public and offer compensation agreements with agents who bring a buyer to the closing table.  Our team also provides relocation management assistance to clients in keeping their properties clean, in mechanical and structural repair, moving logistics, downsizing of personal property, as well as staging and maintaining curb appeal.