Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company

 Auctions are a wise choice for anyone who needs to settle an estate,

 downsize due to retirement, ill health, relocating, financial stress or

 simply desiring a less cluttered lifestyle.  Auctions create an opportunity to get quick and satisfying results without the hassles that traditional methods of selling demand.  Call us and let the experts do all the work for you. 

How are Auctions Presented by Our Service?




Simulcast:  Live auction with simultaneous live online bidding.

On-Site:  Bringing the auction to your estate or place of business.

In-House:  Relocating your property or inventory to our facility.


Tel: 828-654-8940    

Call us today to schedule a free consultation for a property assessment and pricing plan to see if an auction or sale is right for you.  No pressure, no obligation. 

Online:  Using online auctions such as AuctionZip, Proxibid, Bidopia.

FACT:  Auctions are Fun, Exciting and Competitive.

The combination of the above attributes should assure sellers that buyers are ready to attend, bid and buy at auction.  With the advent of online auctions and social media, auctions have attained the ability to reach a world-wide audience.  Local auctioneers can now offer sellers exposure of their property to a wider base of potential buyers and collectors.  This should make auctions a primary choice for sellers who need to downsize or liquidate their property quickly.